playlist 3-24-15

26 Mar

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playlist 3-17-15

22 Mar

Don’t wanna leave you on the farm           Ween                         12 golden country greats

Recorded in England                                    Rod Bernard              2000 Desperate Rock n Roll

Title                            OST for mega Man 8                         Mega man 8 soundtrack

What d’ya see                                    What d’ya see                                    Stretch Marks

I hate myself              I hate myself                                      Offenders

Birds in my tree                    Incense and peppermints    Strawberry Alarm clock

Lost passion                           Stone Tower                          Delerium
round gunpoint                     gunpoint soundtrack

Weighted Down                    Oar                              Skip Spence

Laurel Canyon                       Shawn lee’s ping pong orchestra    moods and grooves

Angels                                     professor Johnson and his               fire in my bones

Submission                            Failure                                                Comfort

Weibe Perlen                         Anita Lindblom                      Lass die liebe aus dem spiel

Isn’t this a lovely day                        Art tatum                   the complete Pablo masterpieces

Atlantic                                   a/b                                          Shogo

I don’t want it                                    ween                                       quebec

Gossip Stone                          nostalgiaopolis

Axelay stage 1                       videogame orchestra                        last but not least

Western duck                                    social behaviors                     zeppi vingt doigts

Boss BGM                               SMW2: Yoshi’s Island OST

NO MORE NOTHINg              Fear                                        The Record

Pierce Brothers                     Pierce Brothers                     God less America

Black Saxes                            Twistin and bowlin               king uszniewicz and his…

15                                           The reader                             Alexander Gradsky

playlist 3-11-15

11 Mar

2 the red wings                     Unknown Artist                                 Final Fantasy IV

The Wrecking Yard               The Legendary Stardust cowboy    Unknown Album

05 My Sound                         Joey Beltram                          Joey Beltram Classics

13 Rise of the Triad Oww!   Unknown Artist                     Rise of the Triad OST

30                                           Al cooper                                Kapusta Kristmas

37                                           Unknown Artist                     Ultimate Ghouls and Ghosts

38 Rock Garden                     Unknown Artist                     Tyrian Soundtrack

404                                         Jared Emerson-Johnson       Sam and Max: Season one

44                                           The Kitty Comp

Always Ending Fragments   Fact Pattern                           In Sleep

Det beginner a bli sent         bannlyst                                 no eller aldri LP

Blinkar Bla                             Cluster                                   cement

Bonus Track                           BJ Snowden                           Life in the USE And Canada

Charles Iwegbue and his Archibogs   Baby I tire             Money be no sand

Come, Come                           Burning Spear                       Jah Kingdom

playlist 2-24-15

25 Feb

Playlist 2-24-15

I got the news                        Anywhere else but here 7”              The First Steps

Y Bother                     azaria 7”                                             World War XXIV

Rhythm Jam               Fleischmann’s Yeast Show               Louis Armstrong

L.I.F.E./ For What it’s worth             Heavenbound                        Scarub

Dubstatik                   In Dub Vol 1                                      Twilight Circus Dub Sound

Jazz Guitar Funk                                                                    John Scofield

One so Young                        Ladera                                                            Shane Alexander

Speciosa facta es       Musician to the Plantagents                        John Dunstaple

Pussycat                     Nice to Meat You                               Banane Metalik

Selling me Short        Bobb Trimble                                                Harvest of Dreams

Bajo El Sol Y Frente   El Ritual                                              El Ritual

A Dios

The Bridge                 Mortal Kombat 3                               Dan Forden, Chris Brayman

F                                  Cut Sleeves                                        Bits of Shit

Robocop                     Brain in a box                                                The Sinfonia London Orchestra

Wake Up                    Golden                                                Failure

You’re Still On My Mind       The Essential George Jones  George jones

Glasplatten                 Revolution- Glasplatten                    Die Sturmschnden

6 Traditional              American Blues 1972-1965                        CD 2

Trajedy                                                                                   Cat Party

playlist 2-17-15

17 Feb

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Playlist 2-10-15

10 Feb

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playlist 2-3-15

5 Feb

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