Soundcloud 5-23-16

23 May

Playlist 5-23-16

23 May

Playlist 5-23-16

16 Valiha Instrumental         MR. Jean Francois        Fihavanana

Plastic Furs                         Sin Ropas               Holy Broken

Little pal

Candy Apple                   Chandeliers                 The Wire

Barry Lyndon soundtrack

Days of the week         Stone Temple Pilots        Shangri-la dee da


Rah Diga             Viral                      Classic

there’s a cradle in Caroline             Bix Beiderbecke

Behemoth Live

Stevie Wonder                     You haven’t done nothin                 Fulfillingness

Manic Street Preachers               Rewind the Film            4 Lonley roads

I had a second change done at the shop             The Frogs          My Daughter the Broad


Snake finger                               Bring back reality                            Chewing Hides the

Mortal Danger              Fredrik Heathen           The Horror at MS

Pseudomonas                A Regurgitation         Blood and Perhaps Feces

Malizia Di un tempo                  Fred Bongusto                  Malizia OST

Electric Lightning Bug

Ubikvitetna eritrofobia         The Best Off              dronjavi saborac

Sound Illusion (Outro)                 40 Winks                  More than Loops

VII. About to Crash (reprise)         Dream Theater         Six degrees of inner turbulence

Dj Toni (interlude)

Fame              Scott Weiland                   Happy in Galoshes

Wilbur Hatch – The Savage Curtain                  The original star trek box set

Where the wild things are

Big Band Larry – Leisure Suit Larry 6                     Sierra on-line

Hooker with a penis                    Tool                         Aenima

Sleepwalker                 The Raymond Scott Orchestra                 Microphone Music


Red House (Live)(perviously unreleased recording)       Jimi Hendrix    West Coast Seattle

Nebula One                                 Nebulas                        nebula one

Best of Red Foxx

wunderbar                         Zarah Leander                    The World’s Worst….

A Child’s Shadow                      Jessica Curry                    Amnesia: A Machine…

7 Melodramatics            Lamposts                  Adolt Cartoon

The Boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart soundtrack


11 Apr

In the event, I’m sorry to have broken the show so suddenly.  I moved away and so it became very inconvenient to keep the show going.  I appreciate anybody who enjoyed the show, it was a ton of fun, and maybe it made a positive difference in the world.

I also apologize for anyone who became attached to a song and then was unable to find out the artist.  I had explained before, there was no guarantee of that since the program I was using, and as I know, was the only one available that allowed me the ability to have the show I wanted.  I did my best to keep information available, but I also tried not to be too anal about it either.  So what’s available is it.  Feel free to ask questions.

Playlist 3-26-16

26 Mar

Pierced Arrows – 2 Black Rainbows

Al Jarreau – 2 Imagination

SCientist – 2 Rubber Boot

5:4 blog mix tape

210-mega man

UK subs Diminished Responsibility

VArious Artists – 21 – Fred Steiner – Spocks Brain

v4w.enko – 221 Pt2

Frizzi – 23 – Escape from the Flesh eaters

Ultima 7 – 24bg

Shawn Lee – 25- School’s Out

Metroid Prime Side – 29 – Artifact Temple

WAhalla Blues Mondo Bizzario band – 3 Lube Job

Frank Sinatra Jr. – 3 Tomorrow is the frst day of the rest of your life

Longmont Potion Castle – 3 way mayhem

Mark Francis Johnson – 3 Primo : Orange Mound

33 – Warehaus

Various Artist 36 Wilbur Hatch THe way to eden

VArious Artists 37 Fred Steiner SEcond Season

Chrome – 3rd from the Sun

Mississippi Recs – 4

5:4 blog mix tape

49 2

Mississippi Records

Olivias – 5 WArm Body

Unknown – 55. Kiss-cha-moto-moto (Uganda)

Logobi – Parisian African brakdance 6

Snare + Idiots – 6

King Tuff – 6 A Pretty dress

John Paul Jones – 6 Going home

THe DEighton Family – 6 keep that candle burning bright

Alasdair Roberts and Robin Robertson

5:4 Blog mix tape

Just Ice – 7 Put that Record Back On

Little Marcy – 8 What kind o fanimal

Willy BEamish Soundtrack







playlist 3-19-16

19 Mar

Lou Rawls – Theme from WAtchers Reborn

Multiple – Joy

Murry Kellum – I dreamed I was Beatle

Living Legends – Murs Act a fool!!!

Karl Bartos – Musica Ex Machina

Patsy Montana – My Dear Old Arizona Home

The Art Attacks – Neutron Bomb

Michael Chapman –  new Chord Blues

News – Episode #07 (Mid)

J fm – nu yupi

THe Abused – Nuclear THreat

Michael Kamen – On the Moon


ric cartey – oo eee

Paul Zaza & CArl Zittrer –   Opening Theme

Dvorak, Antonin – Piano Concerto in A-minor, Op 16

Electrotwist – Plan B

Pneumershonic (Paul Bourre) – Pretty Young Lady

Lace Tunes – FTP

Knxwledge – failure

Babe Ruth – Farewell to Baseball Address


LAurie Johnson and the london studio symphony orchestra

Bluttat –  Flying in to heaven’s door (pre-Lp mix)

Meatal Ulcer – Foetus in Foetus

Thomas Dinger – Fur Dich

THe Scientific Americans – G – Stalt

Brent Carlsson – Gaga Who?





Playlist 3-5-16

6 Mar

Shiner – Pinned

Jack Mudurian – Pistol Packin’ Mama

Electrotwist – Plan B

Vell Bakardy – Playa Shit

Konami Kukeiha Club – Poison Mind (Boss BGM)

Bernie Worrell – 02- Up in the hills

Nicklas Barker – Celestial Ghost

Danny Baranowsky – Chapter 2 Menus

Dennis Duck – Chatter-Walk

Mr. muthafuckin’ eXquire – chicken spot rock (fea. Dallas)

Gel Mibson & Bristian Cale – christian Bale

Reina Boone – chromatic volumes

THe Country Gentlemen – Come on, DEar Lord, and get me

sleepy town manufacture – comet

State Children – Control Mama

Fact Pattern – Corners

Patti PAge – Cross Over the Bridge

D03 Ending Theme – Metroid

Naoto Tanaka, Naoya Kamisaka, Takuya Miyawaki – DArk N

DArk Horse – Guts before Glory – Manoumi

Tati Quebra Barraco – Demole O Meu Barraco


digitalism – the pictures

Louis Armstrong – Disc 5 Track 09

Bernie Worrell – Dissinfordollars



Playlist 2-12-16

13 Feb

Frizzi – 01 – Make them die slowly (rokOPERA trailer)

Lester Young – 09 Neenah

09 Baby oh Baby

09. Falling – Quake

091 return to zork soundtrack

Guitar is my best friend – 10

THe Golden Age of Danish Pornography – 10

Gap Dream – 10 Slave

10 I don’t know

10 Battletoads Surf City


Fight Club 2

SChizo fun Addict – 10fpbr

11 – Bernard Herrrmann – Danger

11 – Duke Highway

Little Walter – 11 – Little Walter – Fast Boogie

Firehose – 11 This…


Ulrima 7 Fanfare of Lord British

Converge – 12 – Shame in the way

12 4

THe Deighton Family 12 Blue Sude Shoes

Wagner – 12 fafner fafner erwache wurm


REcords 132

Woody Allen the comedian

Mississippi REcords – 14

14 – Falling

14 Rio Polochic (Dance_fox-blues; Province_Verapaz_Iza

Conan the Barbarian – 14 Wifeing (Love THeme from Conan

Woody Allen THe Comedian


Nobuo Uematsu – 15. The Factory’s Just like the Dragon

Mojo – Long John Baldry (withe the beatles)

Little WAlter – 16 – Little Walter – Just a Feeling

17  – Louis Armstrong –  Tiger Rag

17 Ole FAithful [album Version]

18 Punitive damages Jerky Boys

Mississippi Records – 19

THe shining soundtrack

RAymond SCott – 19 BAltimore Gas And Electric Co

19 Silence

19 YAnkee Doodle

AFrS SAigon  Coupcurfew

Mississippi REcords – 7




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